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We look forward to welcoming you to your new home at Picatinny Homes. We work closely with our Military Housing Partner to make your application process as seamless as possible.

Picatinny Homes Management Office

Military Housing Partner Office

117A Farley Avenue
Picatinny Arsenal
Dover, NJ 07801
Phone: 973-328-2992
Fax: 973-328-2996

117B Farley Avenue
Picatinny Arsenal
Dover, NJ 07806
CO Asset Manager

Phone: 973-724-3506
Housing Management Specialist

Phone: 973-724-2190
Fax: 973-724-6801

Here's what you will need to know to begin the application process:

Required Documents | Application Process | Determine Your Eligibility Date

Required Documentation

  • Housing Application (available here)
  • LES Statement
  • DD1172 DEERS Enrollment
  • Valid ID/DA-31/Clearance Sheet
  • Copy of Orders (Copy of Stamped Orders will need to be provided once you have arrived on base.)

* If Picatinny Arsenal is your first permanent duty station, please include a copy of your orders from Basic Training and AIT so that you may be given the correct eligibility date.

Application Process

  1. Submit all required documentation. You do so by either
  2. Once an application is received, we will review your housing eligibility based on your rank and family size, and then schedule a walk-through tour. You can also go to the Neighborhoods page to explore the area and learn about our home styles.

Determining Your Eligibility Date

  • If a Service Member does not apply within the 30 day window, the eligibility date will be the date of application.
  • If a Service Member is PCSing to Picatinny Arsenal and is within the 30 day window, the eligibility date is the day they left their previous duty station, verified by clearing papers, is the eligibility date.
  • If a Service Member is coming from an unaccompanied tour, i.e. Korea, their eligibility date is determined from, and back-dated to, the date they departed their previous duty station for the unaccompanied tour, with a maximum of a 14 month credit.
  • If this is the first duty station for a married Service Member, the eligibility date is the date of entry into the military. If the Service Member was married after the date of entry the eligibility date is the date of marriage.